High Vibration Subscription

 57,60 / month

SKU: 1101-2 Category:

SKU: 1101-2 Category:


What are the benefits of a subscription?

We know you live a busy life and sometimes simply forget to order new microdose strips. Therefore, we’ve created something special for you: monthly subscriptions.

With this new service, we’re removing the hassle of constantly making sure you have sufficient truffles at home.

Microdosing is all about taking the right dose at the right time in a consistent way. A monthly subscription helps you with transforming microdosing into a daily habit.

Our Microdose Pro truffles are specially designed for microdosing and shipped every month in a fresh state so that you can stay in the flow without even thinking about it.

For €62,40 per month (excluding shipping), we bring our product to your doorstep at the beginning of every month, to ensure you have the freshest of fresh truffles to consume when it suits you best.


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