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Produced with organic methods

Our extracts are produced to the highest quality standards & have some of the highest concentrations of all researched active compounds. This makes our extracts some of the most potent mushroom supplements in the world. Researched, proven, tested.

Pouch Bag Packaging Mockup By Anthony Boyd Graphics
Pouch Bag Packaging Mockup By Anthony Boyd Graphics

Lion's Mane

Package price: €44,-
  • Can stimulate memory & focus
  • Can stimulate your natural ability to learn & acquire new information
  • Can increase energy levels & reduces stress
  • Can provide immune support
  • Superb potency – our extract is heavily concentrated (20:1) which means a very high concentration of active components
  • Tested & free of heavy metals & contamination, so you can be sure you are not harming yourself in any way.

About us

Human Pro is founded by three Amsterdam based serial entrepreneurs who have been using mushroom supplements for over five years in order to upgrade our creative output and regulate our internal states better.

We believe that mushrooms play a significant role in our professional routine, success, and in the manner in which we run our businesses. 

With Human Pro we aim to provide a trusted platform and product for start-up, creative and self-growth communities in Europe. 

Feel free to shoot questions at us in the chat below.

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