Pronoia is part of my gratitude practice


Pronoia is part of my gratitude practice

In a previous article called How to 10x your Microdosing Practice, one of the points I raised was about gratitude.

It’s a game-changing perspective to implement into your life and although I stumbled for a while, here’s the gratitude practice that works best for me.

I remember coming home from school one day and watching Oprah. 

During this particular episode, she was jumping up and down with excitement over this new book that changed her life. 

The book was about gratitude and how journaling about what we are grateful for changes how we perceive our lives.

Oprah was so excited that I too wanted to feel so utterly changed by practice as she did, but sadly I did not.

I bought the book, did the thing, and followed the instructions.

Even then, I wanted to see my life differently, but could not do it the way others had done it.

Tried to feel gratitude and ended up feeling FOMO instead.

So over the years, I did design a robust gratitude practice, but not the way most people do. 

My gratitude practice has 3 components:

Environmental trigger

The first prong of my approach has a classical conditioning aspect to it. 

That means that I’ve trained myself to be reminded to be grateful when in certain environments and situations.

There are only a few environments and situations that consistently set off my internal gratitude reminder. 

No matter what, either of these 6 scenarios prompts me to stop, take a breath, and feel the moment with all my senses

My 6 scenarios are: when I’m eating healthy food, driving my car, enjoying a shower, sleeping in bed, connecting with loved ones, and paying my bills.

I’ve not turned myself into Pavlo’s puppy where the environment or situations trigger a deep sense of gratitude, every single time.

The gratitude that gets triggered inside of me sounds something like this:

– I am so fortunate to live in a city surrounded by farms producing delicious and nutritious food. I am so blessed to have access to this abundance.

– Thank god that my car is safe and reliable. I have the freedom and the resources to get to where I want to go. I am blessed and I am grateful

– I am so grateful to enjoy a hot shower today. Plumbing is such a miracle, and I am blessed to have access to such a resource

– I am so grateful I have a bed to sleep in tonight. I have abundance and safety in my life. I can rest peacefully and be ready to contribute the following day.

– My heart is full after spending quality time with a loved one. I am grateful to attract such nourishing relationships with such quality people.

– Paying my bills makes me feel strong, capable, safe, and grateful. 


We all know what paranoia is, that doesn’t need explaining, right?

A few years ago, I heard Sam Harris use and explain the term Pronoia, and I’ve loved it ever since.

Pronoia is the acknowledgment of all the things that DIDN’T go wrong. That the universe is conspiring in our favor.

Rather than the anticipation and expectation of all the things that could go wrong; paranoia.

So how does Pronoia fit into my gratitude practice? 

During quiet moments aka when I’m daydreaming, I regularly remind myself that mercifully, I am not currently suffering from any kind of calamity or drama.

I am not currently experiencing a toothache, or a sore knee, that I didn’t accidentally bite my tongue earlier.

For example, I often make sure to say a silent thank you when I arrive at my destination safely and without incident. 

When something almost happens but ultimately doesn’t, I anchor into feeling SUPER grateful. 

In short, I like to be mindful of all the moments when life went in my favor. 

When things worked out fine and there was no drama. All the times when it was ‘just another regular day

Often, a super boring regular day is something to be deeply grateful for. 


Bookmarking is a practice that I have available for more ad hoc moments of gratitude.

Bookmarking is what I do when I experience an unexpected moment of awe or wonder or exhilaration, I stop, take a breath and bookmark it in my body and mind.

To bookmark a moment in my life, I laser all my attention on my senses. 

Zoom in on the surrounding feeling, the colors, the smell, the temperature, how my body feels, my mood, my perspective, and the environment. 

I log each of these in my mind so that I can remember exactly how to go back to that place in my heart and mind at a later date.

So on the occasions when life is schooling me hard, and I’m feeling raw, I go back to my bookmarks. 

Remembering how accessible that state of mind can be. I remember how accessible that physical felt sense can be. 

I remember what is possible, and I remember what I am capable of.


In short, this is the three-pronged approach that keeps my gratitude levels high.

Here’s a quick recap:

Environmental Gratitude – feeling surprised, awe, wonder

Pronoia – noticing all the bad things that never happened

Bookmarking – remembering how good the good times are

The simplicity of a shower, a nutritious meal, safe transportation, a place to call home, and community is something we can all bookmark in our minds and our hearts.

I can now also confirm to Ms. Oprah that a gratitude practice has indeed changed my life, finally!

Bonus tip – Happiness Jar

I could not close this article without including this great little bonus tip.

Have you heard of Happiness Jars?

It’s when you write little happy notes for yourself and put them in a beautiful jar, only to be opened and revisited at the end of the year.

So cool, right?

“By writing the happiest moment of our day onto a piece of paper daily and putting it into a jar, we’re training our brains to scan our environment for the positive and to become a ‘blessing detector,’” 

Digital Happiness Jar

Take the happiness jar to the next level and make yourself a little digital love folder. 

No, not that kind of love. Get your mind out of the gutter 😂

When receiving a really sweet, loving, kind, or considerate WhatsApp message, email, or voice note, save them, screenshot them, and collect them all in one place.

Reason? On the days when life feels particularly turbulent, you have a little digital treasure box to enjoy.

Remind yourself of how others experience you. Of the quality of the relationships you have. Let others remind you of the value you hold in their lives.

Save these messages as you go because when we are feeling low, we will not have the energy to go and look for buried messages in various places.

Save the screenshots and voice notes in one particular folder, ready for you when you need them.

You will likely be amazed at how quickly we can forget the good moments.

Help yourself remember, stay immersed in the moment of awe, and do it several times a day. 

These are the makings of a beautiful life.

How do you practice gratitude? What helps you feel supported, loved, and appreciated by the universe?

Let me know in the comments below, and remember to catch me for some one-on-one time in our Facebook group and Discord channel.

In the meantime, 

Flow strong.

Asha ✨

4 thought on “Pronoia is part of my gratitude practice”

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  • Deep insights came from meaningful journeys. I have learned from reading it once. I have digested it from reading it twice. And I will live in the knowledge I gained from reading it over and over.

    • Asha Sultana
      27 August 2023 11:39

      Thank you so much for this lovely review, Mok.

      So glad that it gave you food for thought. May it serve you well❣️

  • L O V E these gratitude tips, definitely going to implement the digital happiness jar as I’m on the move most of the time. The pronoia perspective puts a great spin on things, love that!

    • Asha Sultana
      27 August 2023 11:42

      Yes, can’t wait to hear more about your digital happiness jar!

      On days when ‘nothing much happens’, the practice of PROnoia is our reminder to celebrate❣️🙌


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